Hi.  Technically this is my first post on here, but then again it’s the About page.  So I guess I should write about myself, likely in relevance to this blog.


As early as seven years of age, I enjoyed playing RPGs.  While I had played Final Fantasy 2 on a friend’s borrowed Super Nintendo and Shining Force on the Genesis, the game that really got me into RPGs was Phantasy Star IV.  I don’t quite know what it was back then, but between the understandable turn-based gameplay, the manga-style cutscenes, and the surprisingly fleshed-out characters (I didn’t play FF2 long enough to read into that, and Shining Force 1 is not exactly a bastion of writing),  I was hooked, and JRPGs quickly shot up to be my favorite genre.

Then eventually, I discovered the pirated/translated/bugged RPG Maker 2000 program.  Finally!  A chance to make my very own RPG, with point and click and–then I hit the Adolescent RPG Maker Newbie syndrome.  “How do I events?  LOL variables.  Who needs the ability to write?”  This was in part dealt with by a chance chat with someone who knew something about the last, but due to a computer death and my parents attributing said compdeath to RM2K, I was pretty much banned from using it.

I maintained interest in the RM series, though it sometimes fell off the radar for me.  And now with a copy of RMVX, a BS in comp-sci, tens of other RPGs now under my belt, a more mature outlook on things, I’m back in my attempts to develop something likeable.  I may not be good at spriting or music composition, hate mapping, and feel my writing is mediocre at best, but I feel I have three things going for me: A solid grasp on game (particularly RPG) design and balancing, the ability to listen and address problems, and the willingness to try.  It may not be much, but I feel that I can at least make a semi-enjoyable game.

I intend to post on varied things–some related to a game I am developing at the time, and some on my thoughts as to aspects of game (again, mainly RPG) design.  I just get the feeling that acquiring VX Ace is going to be tricky, to say the least.


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